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爱读 iRead Chinese Book Club

September 28, 2011
Chinese Language Education & Research Center
爱读iRead Chinese Book Club is a totally FREE program for school to join, all costs will be on us, and schools can earn incentive toward future purchases. iRead provides an extensive range of engaging and interesting Chinese reading materials that will build enthusiasm within your programs. We sort through the thousands of available titles and select the very best to be included in the iRead catalog. Similar but different from the Scholastic program, iRead specializes only in Chinese language materials designed for K-5 students. iRead is designed to offer a broad range of materials for students to build a love for reading and to develop language, vocabulary and comprehension. We are able to offer these excellent titles of a great value starting at low price. School can earn incentives from the purchase toward building its own library.
Once again thank you to all schools for supporting iRead, and thank you to all the parents placed an order for supporting Chinese Immersion Program. Also thank you to all the students and parents send us a feedback, your satisfaction is our priority. We believe that your constructive suggestions and feedbacks, which enabled us to work better on our next issue.
In order for iRead to be more user friendly, we will setup a section on our nanhaibooks.comspecialized for iRead that will include all titles on the catalog with full descripition in both English and Chinese, and sample scan pages for all titles. Also we have include an option on our order form for parents and students to allow our experts to choose the books for them, based on students’ age, gender, and grade.
If you are interested in joining iRead, feel free to contact us at And here are some information and past issue of iRead.
Friendly reminder:
★For school participated, your gift certificate have been issued, and they are expiring on Sept 30, 2011. If you haven’t receive your gift certificate please contact us immediately.
★iRead for Fall 2011 will be shipped out last week of Sept, you will be contacted to update your school information. If you wish to join please contact us immediately.

About Us
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