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Homework examples

Homework examples from immersion classrooms:

Here’s a Kindergarten character worksheet from the Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program at Eugene Field Elementary School, Pasadena Unified School District. Nicholas is writing the character for man, nán. The teacher has written “Terrific,” at the top.


























Here’s a 1st grade sheet for the character māo, cat. It gives the stroke order, then Malia has written out the characters and then a sentence: I like little cats.






















Here’s a second grade essay from Starr King elementary in San Francisco. The information at the top is the date, the day of the week, the weather and what the student’s mood is. It reads:

My dad and I went to the symphony. I heard lots of instruments. I saw lots of people. A friend of my big sister’s was there. It sounded really good. I was happy.

 2nd grade Symphony




















Here’s a 2nd grade worksheet from a California school.

College Park 2nd grade


























Here’s a third grade page for the character gēn, meaning ‘to go with.’ The top line is the student’s name, the date, the day of the week and their number in class. Below that is the pinyin pronunciation, the radical, then a line showing the proper stroke order and then eight boxes for the student to write the character. Next is the definition and then the student writes a sentence using the word. It says “In Hawaii I went with my mom to buy high heels because she was going to a big party.”


Here’s a fourth grade list of characters to be practiced and learned.

4th grade character practice

Here’s what a 4th grade weekly classroom newsletter (produced by a mom together with the two 4th grade Mandarin teachers) looks like at Starr King.

4th grade newsletter( week 36 , 5-15)




























































Here’s a fourth grade report on Mission Santa Barbara. In California, all fourth graders learn about the Mission system and most students build a model of a mission. The report reader:

“Today I would like to tell you about my Mission. It’s called Mission Santa Barbara. This Mission was founded by Padre Fermin Lasen on Dec. 4, 1786. It is the number ten on the El Camino Real and the Chumash Indians lived in the Mission area.

This Mission used to manufacture candles, adobe bricks, shoes, soap and clothing.

Now Mission Santa Barbara is located in the city of Santa Barbara. It is now used as a church.

An unusual fact about Mission Santa Barbara is that there was a girl named Barbara. She believed in Jesus but her father didn’t. So her father killed her. And that’s why Mission Santa Barbara’s name is Mission Santa Barbara.”

Here’s the report in Chinese.


Scan 1

And here’s the model she built. And yes, those are sugar cubes and graham crackers.






























































Here’s a nice example of a ‘sheltered subject matter’ lesson that combines geography and history used by Starr King 5th graders in 2011. The material is taken from the district’s English language social studies textbook, but has been rewritten in simpler language to accommodate the students’ lower reading ability in Chinese. But it still conveys the information they need to learn to meet state curriculum standards.

周忆 homework1 4th grade Cortes1

4th grade Cortes 24th grade Cortes 34th grade Cortes 44 grade Cortes 5


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