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London’s only Mandarin immersion school seems to be doing well

I do so miss elementary school, when the kids were in uniforms. Life was so much easier. Though somehow blue pants and a white collared shirt doesn’t seem on the same level as this school in London. They even have their own coats!

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From KCW Today

Kensington Wade Prep school, situated in the heart of Kensington, opened in September 2017 and has already been rated outstanding by Ofsted.
Following a full inspection, Ofsted described the school as ‘unique and inspirational’.
It is unusual for a new school to be given the highest possible inspection rating, but this is even more remarkable as Kensington Wade is the first of a new brand of school – an English/Chinese dual language immersion school where children spend half their day in an English classroom and the other half in a Chinese classroom.
Inspectors praised the way that English and Chinese teachers worked together to ensure excellent continuity between the two classrooms.
Head Mrs Jo Wallace is delighted with the news:
“The whole team is thrilled with our Ofsted report since it serves as a testimony to the hard work which has gone in to setting up such an exceptional and ambitious learning environment for our pupils. It shows that this school has a bright future.”  
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