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Michigan Mandarin immersion program students start college four years early


District Signs Dual Enrollment Agreement with Western Michigan University

by Morgan Jarema  

Catherine Hwang and Harrison Tucker will be freshmen this fall at Northern High School. For an hour of every school day, they also will be college freshmen.

Catherine and Harrison are two of 36 Northern Hills Middle students who will enter Northern High’s inaugural semester of university-level Mandarin Chinese.

“I’m really excited about this, because I want to be a surgeon, and knowing other languages will open more opportunities,” said Catherine, who also speaks fluent Korean.

Harrison Tucker and Catherine HwangHarrison Tucker and Catherine Hwang

Harrison, whose out-of-school use of Mandarin is primarily limited to restaurants and good-natured subversive communication at home with his younger brother, Stewart, a seventh-grader in the program, envisions using his foreign language skills in China someday.

“I want to go into science, but be outside, doing something in the wilderness,” Harrison said. “It will be good to be able to go into different parts of the country outside the cities and be able to learn about the culture from the people who live there.”

Catherine, Harrison and a few dozen of their fellow Chinese Immersion students attended a signing recently at Northern to solidify their intentions.

The district entered into an agreement with Western Michigan University Extended University Programs to launch the Collegiate Pathways program at Northern, the first custom dual enrollment program of its kind for WMU.

The program allows Northern students to earn the full 23-credit Chinese language minor offered by WMU while still enrolled in high school.

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