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MIPC Becomes Official

February 7, 2009

In the MIP Parents workshop at Jose Ortega on January 23rd, several parents stepped forward to propose that we form a slightly more organized group dedicated to promoting Mandarin education in the San Francisco public schools.  This was the genesis of the Mandarin Immersion Parents Council.  At that meeting, the group chose a president (Beth Weise), vice president (me, Scott Olson), and secretary (Jeff Lucas).

Since the inception of the group, we have been working to provide some framework and organization, as well as to set up a website.  Our goal is to take stock of all the shared goals of this community and harness all the excellent parental energy available to help achieve those goals.

I’d like to invite you to join us as we work to forward the cause of Mandarin education in our City.  To start with, we have formed four committees

  • Marketing (website, blogging, networking, teacher outreach)
  • Middle School (immersion program, finding a location)
  • School Assignment (Creating a pathway for Mandarin students)
  • Parent Education (Workshops to help parents learn more about Mandarin)

Please send an email to or to the mailing list if you are interested in helping in one of these areas.  Also stay-tuned to the mailing list and blog.  We’ll be announcing the date/time for our February meeting, and also adding more content and information as it becomes available.

Thanks, Scott.

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