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January 28, 2011

“Nihao, Hou Laoshi!”
The Best Moment for a Chinese Guest Teacher
By Amanda Yan Hou

In the summer of 2010, I became the guest teacher at the MaST Community Charter School in Philadelphia. In the first day of school, the kids who knew no Chinese were able to say “Nihao, Hou Laoshi!” My students’ first Chinese sentence is as beautiful as the best melody in the world! But in the second day, I totally lost control of my class. After a long night in tears, I realized that I have to cheer up…Read more

“你好,侯老师!” 客座中文老师最美好的时刻
2010年夏天,我成为了费城MaST的客座中文老师。开学第一天,之前对中文一无所知的小家伙们已经会说:”你好,侯老师!” 我的学生们第一次开口讲的汉语,真得如音乐般悦耳。但没想到的是,第二天我的课堂竟完全失控。在一个长长的以泪洗面的夜晚过后,我意识到自己必须尽快振作起来……中文全文

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