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Get involved: Burlingame, CA Mandarin immersion program possible

February 13, 2011

Dear parents and immersion advocates,

I wanted to make sure you are aware that the school district in Burlingame, CA is actively considering implementing a Mandarin immersion program. The district recently started a Spanish immersion program that is thriving. This is the time to speak up in support of a new program. Some information is below.

For continued updates and to connect with other families and advocates in the area, I recommend joining the Yahoo! group “burlingameimmersion.” I am the moderator, so just make a note that you saw this message, and I will approve your membership. (I will note that I no longer live in Burlingame – though I may move back for a program like this! – so I can’t answer questions directly, but there are people on that mailing list who can.)

1. Burlingame School District will be opening a new school, probably in 2014-15. As the school board determines what type of school it will be, they are considering various possibilities including starting a second immersion program in Burlingame (Mandarin).

2. The board welcomes input from the community on what type of school or what types of programs people would like in Burlingame.

3. For those interested in or supportive of a second immersion program (Mandarin), this is the time to express their opinions by:

(1) attending board meetings where Hoover/2220 Summit Dr. is being discussed – now through early to late March

(see for meeting agendas);

(2) contacting the District Office and/or Board members to express opinions (e-mail/letter is the easiest to share).

Contact information can be found here:

Xie xie,


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