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Attending this weekend’s National Chinese Language Conf?

April 15, 2011

Teachers and administrators from the National Chinese Language Conference on tour at San Franciscos Starr King Elementary School, April 14,2011.

Are you attending this weekend’s  National Chinese Language Conference?

If so, we want you!

Over 1,000 teachers and administrators attend the conference — and each of you represents hundreds of families with children in Mandarin immersion.

If you hear a workshop, see a product or just chat with folks from other programs about things that would help those families and their children, tell us!

The MIPC web site is read daily (sometimes more than daily, which still surprises us) by parents in Mandarin immersion across the United States and Canada. They’re hungry to understand how immersion works, how they can support their children, their teachers and their schools.

Information is the key. If your program is doing something that’s really working well, tell us. If you tried something that bombed, tell us (so others don’t have to make the same mistakes.) If someone gives a killer “this is what makes immersion work” talk at the conference, we’re your chance to tell the world (well, at least parents who really really care about this stuff.)

We know that teachers and administrators have full, busy schedules. We’re happy to help edit any notes you’ve got. We just couldn’t afford to attend the conference ourselves (we’re all just parent volunteers with kids in San Francisco’s Mandarin immersion program at Starr King and Jose Ortega,) but we want to get word out to the thousands of families who have kids in Mandarin immersion and are hungry for information.

We’re happy to even do interviews about workshops/general impressions/ideas and write them up for the blog if putting pen to paper is more than you can handle just now.

You’re our eyes and ears at this, probably the most important conference there is about Chinese education at the K-12 level. So help us get the word out.

You can reach our editor, Beth Weise, at

And please tell families at your schools about our lists for parents, here, so they can share information with each other.

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