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Some new Chinese apps at the App store

May 4, 2011

I just had my second grader home sick for two days and she watched a lot of 5Q Channel and ChildRoad. They’re nice for when you want to give your kids an online or video treat but you’d like it to be something that is educational.

Here’s the latest release from 5Q Channel. has also been updating their site and they’ve added some nice functionality, including age ranges for some of the stories, which helps those of us who don’t read Chinese.

[Note – The MIPC doesn’t accept anything for free, so we bought and paid for all of these. These aren’t meant as ads but simply telling other parents what useful Chinese-related things we’ve found. If you’ve found something that engages your child in Chinese, please email so we can tell everyone else.]


We have more apps on APP Store now.
Here are three new apps of 5QChannel.

1. Chinese Conjunctions 1
This one is our first app made for Chinese learners.
The icon’s color is orange.
It’s free for now, welcome you to download it from here :
Simplified Chinese

2. The Frog Borrowed a Drum from The Snake
Promo code : MK3TYXAPYYYK

Simplified Chinese

3. Qingming Festival
Simplified Chinese

Best regards,

Tseng Jr-Shi

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  1. alifoda permalink
    May 4, 2011 11:44 pm

    how can i write the chinese ? —– How can I type the chinese on the computer screen ?

    Can I get a chinese keyboard on the screen of my computer ? How?
    would you please reply me I’ll appreciate your efforts.. Thanks in advance..

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