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San Diego Mandarin teachers’ pink slips rescinded

May 10, 2011

Teachers’ Pink Slips Rescinded

Monday, May 9, 2011 | Updated 10:09 PM PDT
Teachers' Pink Slips Rescinded

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Four teachers at a special magnet school in Point Loma will have their pink slips rescinded.

By Rory Devine

A reprieve this afternoon for a Mandarin Chinese immersion program in Point Loma, after 80 percent of their mandarin teachers were given pink slips.

When pink slips were first handed out to teachers, there was much concern about the future of this five-year-old magnet program. Concern, after four of the five teachers who teach Mandarin Chinese there were issued pink slips.

Now, it looks like those lay off notices will be rescinded.

Sally Lowe was one of those told she could be laid off from her job at the Barnard Mandarin Chinese Magnet School. Despite 15 years of teaching experience, she has only four years with San Diego Unified, so she has less seniority than other teachers in the District.

Source: Teachers’ Pink Slips Rescinded | NBC San Diego

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