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Chinese Language Education Forum: San Francisco Nov. 12-13

July 9, 2011
The conference is accepting presenter applications until July 31. Are there other parents/teachers who might want to work with the MIPC to do a workshop on supporting parents in Mandarin Immersion? If so, please email me, Beth Weise, I don’t think there will be many parents at the conference, but lots of teachers and administrators and we might be able to share information about how different schools support families in Mandarin immersion.

Chinese Language Education Forum (CLEF) is the continuation and development of the previous biennial Conference on Chinese Language Education in the US West Coast. The past 14 years since the inception of conference in 1997 have witnessed rapid expansion both in terms of academic quality and scale, reaching far beyond the geographical boundary of the US West Coast. Therefore, starting from 2010, the biennial conference will be changed into an annual event to be held on the 2nd weekend of November under the new name of Chinese Language Education Forum.

The Forum is to build up an exchange platform for policymakers, educational administrators, K-16 teachers, heritage language instructors, and product and service providers in the field of Chinese language education. The Forum will also highlight a comprehensive Chinese Language Materials Expo.

Join us for the Second Chinese Language Education Forum, November 12-13, 2011 San Francisco, CA.

Conference info here.

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  1. March 29, 2012 8:07 pm

    What a great program; it’s very important for Chinese families to retain their heritage and language.

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