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Dad: Why NJ needed a Mandarin immersion charter

July 28, 2011


“Schools such as the proposed Mandarin immersion charters will give our children a foundation for an understanding and appreciation of cultures outside our own. My generation grew up in a relatively insular society. Little emphasis was placed on knowing another culture. Learning a language was offered as an elective for those who cared to know. Today an expansive world view is a matter of necessity for our children. Their opportunities in life will be limited if we allow otherwise. Our public schools will have to take this to heart and soon if our nation hopes to continue to send leaders into the world. Additionally, it is well documented that learning a second language is of great benefit to the cognitive development of young minds, as I’m sure you know. I want a public school system that recognizes this and gives our children every opportunity for success in life.”


Read the full letter here.

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