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Fundraising, Hiring Underway for New Chinese Language Program In Orange Co.

November 8, 2011

Open enrollment could begin in December for the Mandarin immersion program—the first public school program of its kind in Orange County.

When a Mandarin Chinese immersion program at Capistrano Unified was approved in September, the school board added a caveat that it be “revenue-neutral.”

Parents were asked to set up a foundation to funnel donations. Thalia Tong, one of the parents leading the effort, said her group has done just that.

The Bergeson Elementary Foundation, a registered nonprofit, has raised $2,000 of the $15,000 needed to launch the program.

“We’re trying to set up corporate sponsorship levels,” Ton said. “We’re really going big. We want the best for our children.”

Billed as the first public school program of its kind in Orange County, it might begin enrolling children as early as December, according to a Marian Bergeson Elementary newsletter.

“Our school board for CUSD will be voting this coming week on the possibility of an early open enrollment period for the Mandarin Immersion program,” the email, written by Principal Barbara Scholl, reports. “If this is approved, there will be early enrollment in December and then another enrollment period in February.”

The school board is scheduled to meet Nov. 14, but the agenda is not yet posted.

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