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A great Mandarin show for kids to watch: “家有儿女

November 11, 2011

A great Mandarin show for your kids to watch

Many thanks to Liyao, who told me about this show.

It’s called 家有儿女, Jia you nu er (Home with Kids in English.) and it’s kind of The Brady Bunch in Chinese.

It’s about a Chinese father who lives in America and has two children, a son and a daughter. From the introduction, I think in St. Louis. He gets divorced and moves back to China. There he meets a divorced woman with a younger son. They fall in love and get married and all five of them live together.

I watched the first two episodes with my 3rd and 5th grader and they were able to get most of what was going on, to the point of laughing hysterically at certain points.

Here’s the first two episodes (as translated for me by my children:

1. The couple meet and although their kids are very opposed to the idea, especially the girl, they marry. There’s a very funny scene of a tense lunch where the mom tried to get the girl to be nice but fails.

2. The girl decides she’s going to get her dad back for remarrying, so she pays a middle school classmate to pretend to be her boyfriend – a totally unacceptable thing for a middle school student in China. The parents are horrified and confront the boy, who confesses that she paid him to go along with the pretense. Then the parents decide to go along with it to. When she says she’s going to his house they say “ke yi!” (you may) and then when she’s really annoyed they’re agreeing with her she says she’s going to spend the night and they say “ke yi!” and she loses it, appalled they’d let her do such a thing.

Finally she gives up.

Then the little boy starts saying “I love you” to a classmate and the girl’s dad comes to complain. (Interesting sociological issue here, he’s clearly from the South and has a strong accent, not sure what it all means exactly” and they say it’s all a mistake but then the little boy keeps saying “Dudu, I love you!” in English.

Anyway, a great show for kids and not so hard to find online:

First go to                                              

This is 搜狐视频的 website. It is an entertainment website.

After you open it, try to find the two characters “搜索”(it means “search”),and then next to “搜索”, you can input “家有儿女”, then click on “搜索”.

It should come up with a list of items which contains “家有儿女” characters. Usually, on the top of the list, it would be the soap opera “家有儿女”

with 第1集(episode 1),第2集(episode 2), etc.

It should come with 100 episodes.

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