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New Jersey PTA opposes Mandarin Immersion K-5 because it has Chinese in high school

December 16, 2011

OP-ED: West Orange Council of PTAs Weighs in on Charter School Application

Council urges residents to sign a petition opposing the approval of the Hua Mei Charter School.

  • 9:23 am

Dear West Orange Families:

We need your support to save our district’s funding and not allow the State Department of Education to approve a charter school application that would siphon money away from our school budget.

The Hua Mei Charter School, designed to be a Mandarin language immersion school for children in grades K – 2 located in Maplewood, will take $688,018 from the West Orange Public Schools its first year of operation, not including the cost of transportation that the district will incur for the children who attend it from West Orange. The amount the district will need to contribute to the charter school’s operation is expected to increase yearly as the school expands to grades K – 5 . Also, the amount the district needs to contribute to the school’s operation was set by the State Department of Education based on their projection that 52 West Orange children will attend the first year.

Please read more here.

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