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6th grade Mandarin openings in San Francisco

January 11, 2012
The Mandarin immersion program of the San Francisco Unified School District will graduate its first 5th grade class this spring, and the first year of middle school Mandarin will begin in Fall of 2012 at Aptos Middle School. The program at Aptos will consist of  four classes in English (English, Math, Science, Art/Music/PE) and two in Mandarin (Mandarin, Social Studies.)
There are openings for up to 36 students in the 2012-2013 class, but  only 25 graduating from the Starr King Elementary school pioneer class. So there are at least 11 spaces open for students who can speak, read and write Mandarin.
Aptos is one of the most sought-after public middle schools in San Francisco. If you have a child who’s been in a Mandarin immersion program up to 5th grade, or a strong Saturday program, or who has been to school in China, these openings could be a possibility for you.
Aptos has an honors track and the principal is committed to making sure MI students have access to honors in all non-Mandarin academic courses.
To find out more, call Aptos at (415) 469-4520. I’m not sure how out-of-district transfers would work, but the principal, Mr. Dent, should be able to answer that. You can also email Beth at
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