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Lake Forest Ill. Mandarin meeting moved due to snow

January 12, 2012

The meeting about Mandarin at Cherokee Elementary originally scheduled for Jan. 12 has been moved to Jan. 19 due to snow.

More on the schedule change here.

More here about the new program:


Program Overview


Lake Forest School District 67 is very proud of its first year implementation of theMandarin Immersion Program for kindergarten and first grade students. A significant early achievement is the Asia Society’s selection of Lake Forest schools as an exemplary program. The program is housed at Cherokee Elementary School, immersing 40 kindergarten and 32 first grade students in Mandarin Chinese. Students engage in a comprehensive partial immersion program with 50% of their day in the Mandarin-speaking classroom and 50% of their day in the English-speaking classroom. The Mandarin teacher instructs in mathematics, Chinese culture, and portions of social studies and science. The English teacher delivers instruction in language arts (reading, writing, and spelling) as well as portions of social studies, science, and math.

Kindergarten and first grade students rarely hear their Mandarin teachers speak English. Everything in the classroom is done in Mandarin regardless of the activity or curricular area of study. The Mandarin-speaking teachers use multiple strategies such as pictures, songs, video, models, body language, games, etc. to communicate and engage students. Although students do begin by speaking English to their classmates and Mandarin teacher, social exchanges and short responses in Mandarin soon become commonplace. Students are very proud and excited to speak the language, write Chinese characters, and show understanding of what their teacher is saying. As acquisition of the language grows, students show more confidence in their skills and quickly become comfortable in speaking Chinese.

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