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Lake Oswego eyes K-5 Spanish now, Mandarin later

February 2, 2012


The Lake Oswego Review, Feb 2, 2012

Lake Oswego School Superintendent Bill Korach suggested planning for a K-5 Spanish immersion program to begin in the fall while keeping an expansion of the school district’s Mandarin immersion program on deck for now.

“We are not positioned right now to do two languages,” Korach told the school board Monday evening. “I am not in any way suggesting that going for a Mandarin program is off the table, but it is more complex and has more challenges. Spanish language we can address and do it well.”

“These two languages are quite different. The needs are similar in some ways but also quite different,” added Jonnie Shobaki, elementary education director.

The board is scheduled to vote on the program on Monday, Feb. 13, along with a list of other changes, such as middle level schedule (see story this page), north side boundary adjustments, out-of-district transfer policy and school starting and ending times.

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