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San Diego Mandarin immersion school welcomes Chinese visitors

February 9, 2012

Keira Idumi, a kindergartner at Barnard Mandarin Chinese Magnet School in Point Loma, claps during the Barnard Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon celebration. The new year celebration began on Jamuary 23, and continues for 15 days.


It isn’t every day that an official from a major Chinese metropolis pulls up with a busload of children to see a performance at what just a few years ago was a struggling San Diego school.

Nor is it common to find Superintendent Bill Kowba taking time out from dealing with yet another daunting budget deficit to watch a dance routine by a group of kindergartners in a crowded multipurpose room.

But Barnard Elementary, also known as Barnard Mandarin Chinese Magnet School, isn’t just any campus. And when it celebrated the Chinese New Year, it drew a crowd that not only included Kowba and the city councilman from Chongqing, but also several leaders from San Diego County’s Chinese community.

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