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Learning Mandarin via pop music

February 17, 2012

From Judy Shei, author of the awesome 1st grade Mandarin YouTube channel at


Someone asked me for some easy Mandarin pop songs to learn…  I asked my 24 year old cousin & her buddies for a few (thanks Facebook!) and below are some suggestions….  All are subtitled in traditional Chinese, my apologies.  I remembered memorizing my first pop song 6 months after moving to Taiwan and literally learning to read Chinese by the light of KTV (karaoke in a private room with just friends).  Enjoy!  I like the first two best.


‪張懸 兒歌




‪‪陳奕迅 – Baby Song




‪‪胡夏 《那些年》–那些年我们一起追的女孩 (lyrics in simplified in the description)


‪‪猜不透 叮噹 (has a short little skit in the beginning of a guy remembering a lost love, very cute)




‪‪‪范瑋琪‪‪‪ – 一個像夏天一個像秋天


‪‪‪And of course this… The Moon Represents My Heart, subtitled in simplified Chinese.  The kids have already learned it and it’s a classic!



Most cities have a radio station that broadcasts in Mandarin. In the San Francisco Bay area it’s

92.3 KSJO

You can also listen online at


You can also putt the Shazam app on your phone so you can tag songs you like and download them.




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  1. February 26, 2012 5:24 pm

    May I suggest (helps you learn Chinese (Mandarin) faster by using flashcards with pictures), thanks

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