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Shanghai Mandarin camp with homestay

May 9, 2012
Don’t know anything about them but thought folks might be interested.


Dear Parent,

Greetings from YK Pao School! As you may know, this year we are organizing the Mandarin Summer Camp and instermediate Chinese program for 5-12 year olds and we would be delighted to have your child take part.

Our Summer Camp is a constructive and enjoyable way for your child to pass the long summer months, experiencing life in Shanghai and learning Mandarin in a fun and educational environment. We will have activity based classes including sports, art and excursions round Shanghai and to nearby areas. We also have homestay opportunities. As you know, unlike many other language camps, our Camp is held on campus at our School and makes use of our indoor and outdoor teaching and sports facilities.

We are currently running an ‘Early-Bird’ promotion, by which you can enjoy a 10% discount on course fees if you enroll your child before the end of March.

Please check our website for more information: or email us on

We hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Helen Feng

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