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Minnetonka, Minn. graduates its first 5th grade

May 17, 2012

MINNETONKA, Minn. – Fifth-grade students murmer to each other as they read through their text at Scenic Heights Elementary.

Bend in a little closer and you will hear they are speaking Mandarin Chinese.  Scenic Heights and Excelsior each host Chinese immersion programs in the Minnetonka School District and now these students are ready to move on to middle schoool.

“We were told when we came into the program that there was a commitment to take it all the way through the high school,” said parent Nancy Getzkin whose son, David, is about to make the leap.

So is the Minnetonka District, which starting next year will offer Chinese and Spanish immersion for its students who have completed the programs at the elementary level.

Please read more here.

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