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Lake Oswego, Ore. commits to Spanish but Mandarin failed

May 22, 2012

The Lake Oswego School Board appears ready to commit to an elementary school language immersion program that continues through the fifth grade.

The district currently offers pre-K and kindergarten language immersion classes in Spanish, and last month agreed to offer 28 spots each for new first and second grade Spanish language immersion classes next year.
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The majority of the board on Monday leaned toward supporting the expansion of their  Spanish language immersion program to fifth grade by 2015 by adding one grade each year. A vote on the commitment to further expansion will likely come before the board June 4.

Board members said they were eager to further prop up the increasingly popular Spanish language program, which includes instruction in both English and a foreign language. They said they also hoped to quell concerns of the language immersion supporters, many of whom attend meeting after meeting to advocate for the cause.

“I believe in giving parents certainty,” said board member Patti Zebrowski.
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