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Beaverton, Ore. Mandarin charter

June 19, 2012
Katie Currid/The OregonianMolly Heywood, one of the founders of Hope Chinese Charter School, puts a helmet on the head of Julian Heywood, 3, as her daughter, Brooklynn, rides her bicycle around the block.

Students at Beaverton’s newest public charter school will spend most of their days this fall reading, writing and singing in Chinese. 

Hope Chinese Charter School, housed inside Korean Mission Church in Cedar Hills, will open in September with kindergarten and first grade. Organizers plan to teach three-quarters of the school day in Chinese and the rest in English.

The school’s founders, a group of parents and educators, expect to add a grade level each school year, eventually reaching eighth grade.

Much remains to be done before the fledgling school can open Sept. 4. Church meeting rooms, which are being converted into classrooms, need bulletin boards and books. Walls need fresh paint.

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