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Immersion 2012 conference

August 7, 2012

Immersion 2012:
Bridging Contexts for a Multilingual World

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Screenshot of Conference Brochure Cover
Download Conference Brochure (PDF)

October 18-20, 2012
Crowne Plaza Riverfront Hotel
St. Paul, Minnesota

Conference Description

Language immersion education continues to evolve as a highly effective program model for launching students on the road to bi- and multilingualism and intercultural competence. School-based immersion programs commit to a minimum of 50% subject-matter schooling through a second, world, heritage, or indigenous language at the preschool and elementary levels with varying amounts of subject-based language learning support throughout secondary and post-secondary education. Program models include one-way world language immersion, two-way bilingual immersion, and indigenous/heritage immersion for language and culture revitalization. While each model targets distinct sociocultural contexts and educational needs, all embrace language, literacy and culture development through subject matter learning.

Under the leadership of the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota (CARLA), the fourth international conference on immersion education brings these models together to engage in research-informed dialogue and professional exchange across languages, levels, learner audiences, and sociopolitical contexts. Four themes provide the framework for discussion:

Theme 1:  Immersion Pedagogy and Assessment
Theme 2:  Culture, Identity, and Community
Theme 3:  Program Design, Leadership, and Evaluation
Theme 4:  Policy, Advocacy, and Communications

Conference Sponsors:

The conference is sponsored by the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) at the University of Minnesota. The conference is cosponsored by the Minnesota Advocates for Immersion Network and the following University of Minnesota units: College of Education and Human Development; College of Liberal Arts; Global Programs and Strateg y Alliance; Department of Curriculum and Instruction; Second Languages and Cultures Education; Department of French and Italian; Department of Spanish and Portuguese; Institute for Global Studies; European Studies Consortium; and the Center for International Business and Research.

Conference Planning Committee:

Conference Chair: Tara Fortune (CARLA).
Committee Members: Heidi Bernal (Adams Spanish Immersion Magnet, Saint Paul Public Schools), Nicole Boudreaux (Lafayette Parish Foreign Language Immersion Programs), Helena Curtain (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Ann Marie Gunther (North Carolina Department of Public Instruction), Ana Hernandez (CA State University-San Marcos), Brian McInnes (University of Minnesota- Duluth), Kathleen Mitchell (University of Minnesota), Silvia Romero-Johnson (Nuestro Mundo Community School, Madison, WI), Julie Sugarman (Center for Applied Linguistics), Sandra Talbot (Utah State Office of Education), Diane Tedick (University of Minnesota), Ofelia Wade (Utah State Office of Education), Alysse Weinberg (University of Ottawa), Molly Wieland (Hopkins Public Schools), Amy Young (University of Minnesota).

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