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Parents helping parents in Mandarin immersion

September 16, 2012

Starr King elementary wunder-parent Judy Shei is back with her smash-hit homework help videos on YouTube.

While her videos are specific to the second-grade homework done at San Francisco’s Mandarin immersion program, the model works for any Mandarin immersion school. If you’re a parent who happens to speak both languages, or even just Mandarin, this could be a huge support to students and families in your program. And a shout-out to anyone in Utah – because your program is state-wide, one parent could do this a grade and cover the  entire state…

I’ve been told that parents are doing something similar in Portland. Any others we should list?

Read more about how Judy started up her YouTube stardom here.

Judy herself is quick to say that she’s by no means perfectly fluent — only that she knows more than a second grader. That’s all it takes, so don’t worry that you’re not perfect. Parents who don’t speak a word of Mandarin will be massively thankful for any help at all, and all the kids on your school’s playground will know you as the homework video star!

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