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Orange County Mandarin immersion classes start

September 19, 2012

In Capo’s Chinese Classes, Everything Is Going 很好

Orange County’s first public-school Mandarin immersion program is attracting kids from all over the district – and beyond.


A wall display inside Nicole Loh's first-grade classroom at Bergeson Elementary, home of the Mandarin Immersion Program.
The classrooms for Capistrano Unified School District's Mandarin Immersion Program are very colorful.
A display inside a first-grade class at Bergeson Elementary where students are immersed in Mandarin Chinese.
First-grade Nicole Loh teaches her class about shapes and colors in Mandarin Chinese.
A first-grade student at Bergeson Elementary in Laguna Niguel follows her teacher, instructing her in Chinese.
First-grade tudents respond to a lesson teacher Nicole Loh leads in Chinese about shapes and sizes.
Rapt students learn their lesson in Mandarin Chinese at Bergeson Elementary in Laguna Niguel.

“Nín hǎo!”

That’s the greeting students in two kindergartens, a first-grade class and a preschool class hear each morning at Bergeson Elementary in Laguna Niguel.

“Nín hǎo!”

It’s said warmly by the teachers, and it’s even heard from Principal Barbara Scholl.

This is the first year of the districtwide Mandarin Immersion Program. Capistrano Unified School District was the first public school system in Orange County to approve one. Since then, officials at Orange Unified also decided to offer the program.

Students from all over the district and even as far away as Tustin and Anaheim are attending. Enrollment at Bergeson has grown by more than 100 students this year.

Please read more here.

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