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Making the case for a Mandarin immersion program

October 21, 2012

This video has been out for three years, but I just ran across it and thought it might be useful for schools contemplating adding Mandarin immersion programs. There’s a host of material out on the topic, but this seems to include a piece designed for showing to skeptical school boards and worried parents.

Ordering information here.

As the U.S. education system sees an explosion of interest in establishing Chinese language programs, many schools are struggling with the task of building programs that are effective and sustainable over the long term. Asia Society continues to lead the charge in this arena with the release of our DVD, Learning Chinese in American Schools.

The DVD illustrates best practices for establishing high-quality programs, including how a large city and a state have created effective growth models. The chapter “Why Chinese and Why Now?” is designed to help educators and policymakers make the case for Chinese language education.

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