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iPhone and iPad owners: a Mandarin blog for you

October 26, 2012
There’s a techie in Boston, Lin Ai 林爱, who’s got a great web site devoted to Mac-based programs for learning Chinese called 中网 Zhongweb. Definitely worth checking out here.

Welcome to 中网 Zhongweb

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Welcome to the new version of the site. The old version is temporarily available at

中网 Zhongweb is a site for people learning Chinese (Mandarin). I hope to bring you tools, tips, and techniques to make your study more fun and effective, particularly if you are studying on your own. Language is a gateway to culture, but the focus here is definitely on language-learning, rather than cultural notes.

Warning: Regarding computers and mobile devices I only have access to Apple hardware and so normally only review Mac and iOS software; I am not equipped to talk about Windows/Linux/Android products, but some of the apps have versions for other platforms, so I hope you will still find some useful information here.

Mac / iOS / web developers: Have an app for learning Chinese or a general purpose language learning app?

Publishers: Releasing Chinese textbooks, readers, or other learning materials (print or electronic)?

Contact me about having your products reviewed on the blog.

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  1. Lin Ai permalink
    November 5, 2012 8:48 am

    Hi, I’m the writer (female, by the way) of the Zhongweb blog and just wanted to thank you very much for recommending it. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

    This was my first introduction to the MIPC and I look forward to trying some of the resources described here.

    Lin Ai 林爱

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