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Chinese tongue twister contest for foreigners

November 30, 2012

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Global Times Tongue Twister Contest for ForeignersThe Contest is an event for non-Chinese speaking contestants who enjoy the use of Chinese language and the fun of tongue twisters, held by Global Times, co-organised by Commercial Press and Chinese Universe.

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1. What is Tongue Twister Contest?

Chinese Tongue Twister Contest for Foreigners is an event for non-Chinese who enjoy the use of Chinese language and the fun of tongue twisters, held by Global Times, a leading English-language paper in China.

2. Is the contest free or not?

Yes, the tongue twister contest is totally for free.

3. Is there any appointed tongue twist? 

Every contestant should practice one compulsory tongue twister and one optional from the five twisters. Please read the tongue twist in your video on this page: … iewthread&tid=6990.

4. When the application begins and ends?

The application of the tongue twist contest begins on November 1 and ends on November 30.

5. What is the qualification of the contest?

Anyone of nationalities other than Chinese are eligible and welcome to participate the competition.

6. How can I enter for the contest?

Contestants should upload their video to,, and (files uploaded to will not be accepted) and post the video in the forum for the contest. Contestants should email the video link and their profile to

7. Who is going to Judge?

The winners of the event will be jointly decided by the votes from the web users and language experts.

8. What is the prize?

The contest will unveil NINE awards, including the Top Three, Excellence Award, Most Popular, Most Beautiful Most Handsome, Most Intereting and Best Performance., etc.

Plentiful prizes are waiting for you, check it out at … 157%26typeid%3D157.

9. What is the basic contest procedure?

The basic contest procedure goes this way.

Phase I (November 1 — 30, 2012): Contestants upload their video clips to assigned video website and email their video link and profile to Global Times Community;

Phase II (December 1 —20, 2012): Web users vote for the contestants and the top 20 videos with highest vote will go to the next phase for the final vote;

Phase III (December 21 — 25, 2012): Language experts vote for the shortlisted 20 contestants. Ten times experts’ vote plus web users vote will determine the final winners.

Phase IV: Announce the winner list and mail the awards to the winners.

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