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Where World Languages and the Common Core Intersect

December 1, 2012

How teaching world languages can help meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

by Heather Singmaster

“I have two long antennae,” the student at the front of the class said, in Chinese.

“Are you a snail?” asked another student, also in Chinese.

“No! I have three body parts and six thin legs.”

“An ant?” quipped another.

“No, I have two colorful wings.”

“A butterfly!” the class shouted.

This is an example of an activity you will see in today’s elementary classroom in English, or Chinese, or Spanish, or many other languages. Students, who are learning about the lifecycle in science class, will choose an animal and play a version of 20 questions. By describing the animal and eventually creating a digital storybook about it, they learn descriptive words in context, communicate with a partner, and learn technology skills.

You may think that’s a great way for students to learn a language. What you may not realize is it also bolsters the literacy skills outlined in the Common Core State Standards.

Please read more here.

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