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U.S. math textbook series now available in Chinese

February 15, 2013

Pearson, one of the nation’s largest textbook publishers, has translated its enVisionMATH program that into Chinese. From the company:

“enVisionMATH is an amazing elementary Math program written specifically to address the Common Core State Standards, and is based on critical foundational research and proven classroom results. We have customized that program to be translated into Chinese for dual immersion schools. As of right now, we have fully translated grades Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade of the K-6 program and translated the table of contents. Grades 4-6 are currently being translated.

This program does include a digital path. The digital path includes the full English enVision Math digital path with the Chinese translated ebook and a folder for teachers which includes all of the translated reteach and practice worksheets for each grade.

The background for this project is that in 2011, Pearson began discussions in Utah to translate its math program, as Utah wanted to use enVisionMATH in their classrooms, says Pearson’s Lindsey Pietrowski. Utah has the largest network of Mandarin immersion elementary schools in the country.

“We proceeded to sell this program to dual immersion schools in the state of Utah and worked with Chinese language specialist, Sandy Talbot, to translate into the simplified Chinese character set,” says Pietrowski. “We did leave certain portions of the program in English that the dual immersion students may need to take home, such as  Common Core Bullets and other parent information.”

If your school is interested in viewing or ordering, they can work with their local Pearson Account Executive. If you don’t have one, please contact

Lindsey Pietrowski

K-12 Marketing Manager

Pearson Learning Solutions

Chicago, IL


enVisionMATH Chinese

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