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Utah parents have the right idea when it comes to Mandarin immersion

March 14, 2013

Parents in Utah have started the Utah Mandarin Immersion Parents Council to support teachers, families and students across the entire state’s Mandarin immersion program, the nation’s largest. They’ve got a nice blog going, be sure to check it out. Families in other school district have also started groups, there’s a Fremont Mandarin Immersion Parents Council in California and a Houston Mandarin Immersion Parents Council.  Any others?

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Remember, we are part of something great

By Kami McMaster, Ridgecrest Elementary Council Representative

Recently, members of the Utah Mandarin Immersion Parent Council (UMIC) board met with officials from Canyons School District, the Utah State Office of Education and the Confucius Institute at the University of Utah. We were educated in detail about the guest teacher program and the state’s vision for language immersion. We will share details about the guest teacher program in a separate post. Meanwhile, here’s why I left thinking: our children are privileged to be part of something great.

Please read more here.

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