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American girl in Malaysian Chinese school wins award

March 16, 2013


Here’s the family’s blog.

Not only is our 10 year old daughter the only American at her new Mandarin school but also the youngest, smallest, and only Caucasian at this five star high school with 1000 students! Last week was her first day.

This is the Mandarin-speaking introduction that she prepared for her class and she volunteered that first day to be class ” Monitor”,( not knowing before hand what that meant) so she gets the special tie, badge and tie pin and always leads the female students when they get in lines to go to assemblies and such with a Mandarin command. Monitors get green ties, Prefects get blue ties and the rest don’t have any. She was so proud to surprise us with this news that first day!

Please read more here.

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  1. March 17, 2013 6:09 pm

    Thanks for reposting this! It’s been an amazing experience as monolingual parents to raise a fluent trilingual American child. This article was written when we first arrived when she was 10 and now that she is 12, we can say it’s been a fantastic experience. She just won a trophy for the Chinese elocution contest – a FIRST in the 63 year old history of this Chinese High School for a Caucasian!

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