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Mandarin immersion comes to Casper, Wyoming

August 7, 2013

Xi huan! – Kids like Chinese immersion camp

July 29, 2013 3:00 pm  •  By Elysia Conner

When a photo of a garbage pile flashed on screen, the students said, “bu xi huan!” and wrinkled their faces in disgust.

To pictures of ice cream, the STARTALK Chinese Immersion Camp participants cheered, “xi huan!”

The campers had just learned the Chinese words for “like” and “don’t like” minutes before, when camp teachers pointed at smiley and frowning face drawings as they repeated the Chinese phrases.

“I like that I’m stuck with people who don’t speak English,” 3rd grader Kip Patricelli said. “It’s fun.”

Camp teacher Kathy Zhao agreed.

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