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National surveys for schools on assessment and resources in Chinese

October 13, 2013
The Mandarin Institute in San Francisco is conducting a national survey on assessments and resources used in Chinese language classrooms.  Please encourage your school to  complete the survey. The more responses they get the more they’ll have to share. This should be very useful information for programs nationally.


Do you want to know…

  • What are the latest Chinese language and culture resources now being used in classrooms?
  • Which assessments are educators choosing to measure reading, writing, speaking, and listening proficiency?
  • How are programs implementing Common Core State Standards?

Then help us by taking this survey

We will compile the information and share it with you. 


As Chinese language and culture education advances, many educators are looking for better ways to develop and measure their students’ proficiency levels in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Some institutions are using readily available tests, some are using modified versions, while others have started to define and create their own assessments.


Three keys to advancing Chinese language instruction:

1.     Developmentally appropriate assessments and instructional resources

2.    Systems that support the growth of Chinese language literacy

3.    Helping students increase their understanding of Chinese texts as they become more complex

Find out what master teachers across the country are doing in their classrooms. 

Share best practices in your classroom with your peers.

Click the link below to take the survey and we will share our findings.


Sponsored by:

Mandarin Institute and MetaMetrics




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