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Colorado Immersion charter school is a moving target

October 31, 2013
Global Village Academy's tear-down frenzy
Global Village Academy’s tear-down frenzy: Global Village Academy’s tear-down frenzyWritten by

About Global Village Academy

• It is a tuition-free, language-immersion charter school that teaches French, Mandarin and Spanish.
• 149 students are enrolled in grades K-4. Intent is to expand each year by one grade, ending at K-8.
• Students still may enroll for the current year. Those who are interested in learning more about the school may attend informational sessions at 6 p.m. Nov. 12 and Dec. 10 at Dayspring Christian Church, 8005 Highland Meadows Pkwy.
• Information: (720) 883-6739 or
• Click this article at to watch a video of the classroom breakdown and see more photos of classroom activities.

It’s what Principal Russ Spicer calls “The Great American Breakdown.”

Sometimes it’s a group, and other times just a couple of people. But several times a week, volunteers transform 10 rooms within Dayspring Christian Church into classrooms, only to revert them into rooms for parishioners hours later.

“It’s not ideal,” Spicer said, but it’s what the new, state-approved language-immersion charter school has to work with until it finds a permanent home in Fort Collins.

Three weeks before Global Village planned to open this fall, the city’s planning and zoning board said no to a proposed school site off East Mulberry Street that was in a flood fringe. So Spicer went to leaders at his church, Dayspring, and “they saved us,” allowing the school to temporarily share its space.

On Wednesday morning, the exterior of the church looked like any church might. Once inside, among chattering students, an educational flair was clear.

Students wearing shirts emblazoned with the school’s logo danced and sang in French, Mandarin and Spanish — the three languages taught by 12 Global Village Academy teachers hailing from various countries. Some classrooms sported the reds and golds of Chinese culture, others were decorated with posters bearing letters and words the students will learn in their chosen language.

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  1. Max permalink
    November 5, 2013 2:31 pm

    I worked for the Global Village Academy for over 2 years.

    Do not send your child to the Global Village Academy. They have very low academic performance. The CEO always hired the administrators who doesn’t know Immersion or even a second language. School finance is very bad. It has extremely high teachers turn over rate. Middle schoolers had 3 social study teachers already this year in the Aurora Campus, two English teachers, 5th and 6th grade Chinese teachers changed twice in both Aurora and Northglenn campus. 2nd grade English teacher has just left.

    The school spend money on administrators. They get to go to China while school doesn’t have money to buy supplies or Chinese-English dictionary.

    They school will not tell parents if it is not a right fit for your child. They will keep them untill they become far behind.The principal in Aurora campus put all the resource in her daughter’s class instead of the class that really needs it.

    Overall, no one is happy working there and everyone is trying to leave. Do not send your child there.

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