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Next week: Big Chinese conference in Los Angeles

May 2, 2014

This is one of the biggest Chinese language education conferences in the nation. Pricey but parents in the LA area with a great interest in immersion might consider attending. Or you might notice there are hordes of busses descending on your child’s school. No worries, it’s just NCLC attendees visiting local immersion programs.

If anyone does attend and wants to write what they learned, I’d love to post it here.


NCLC14: See You Next Week in Los Angeles!

Join us in Los Angeles, May 8–10, 2014 for the seventh annual National Chinese Language Conference! We are thrilled to announce that former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will keynote the opening plenary session the evening of Thursday, May 8. Over the course of three days, the main stage will host lively discussions, ideas, and inspiration from speakers including Nobel Prize-winning author Mo Yan and his principal translator, Howard Goldblatt; Chinese-speaking, banjo-playing Abigail Washburn; Janet Yang, a producer of Shanghai Calling andDisney High School Musical: China; Jessica Beinecke, creator of Crazy Fresh Chinese; Qingyun Ma, Dean of the School of Architecture at USC, and more!NCLC14 will offer more than 70 breakout sessions and rich preconference workshops with a focus on cutting-edge approaches to teaching that incorporate culture, technology, and international exchange; program quality and sustainability; early language learning; and best practices in the classroom leading to high levels of language proficiency and deeper knowledge of China. Learn how to effectively integrate the study of China and Chinese language; hear from visionary speakers and thought leaders in the field; enjoy performances that showcase cross-cultural artistic collaboration; visit Los Angeles-area schools to see K–12 Chinese programs in action. Learn more and register today!

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