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Calif. school board report says Mandarin immersion program would fail

November 13, 2014



Report says Mandarin charter school not ‘likely to succeed’

A report prepared to help the Menlo Park City School District board decide if it should allow a Mandarin immersion charter school in the district concludes the petition is flawed and the school is not “likely to succeed.” The board is scheduled to vote on the petition on Wednesday, Nov. 12, at 6:30 p.m.

State law limits the grounds on which the board can deny the petition. The 56-page report, prepared by a team of district administrators and consultants, goes through each of the areas in which the board has some leeway when making its decision.

The report did conclude the petition had gathered enough signatures. The law requires signatures from the parents of at least 50 percent of the 100 students the petition says the school will serve the first year; the parents must be “meaningfully interested” in enrolling their children in the charter school.

The district contacted each signer. While many did not have appropriately aged children or said they no longer wanted their names on the petition, the district found that 44 in-district and 14 out-of-district parents with children who would be in kindergarten or first grade next year had signed — eight more than the required minimum.

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