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Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network updates

January 31, 2015

Encourage your principal/teachers to fill out the survey listed below. It’s crazy that so many of our programs struggle to reinvent the wheel so sharing curriculum that’s been developed for Chinese and Common Core only makes sense.

Though those of you from schools that are part of the national Flagship-Chinese Acquisition Pipeline are ahead of the game here and don’t need to, F-CAP is already doing that sharing and it’s a beautiful thing.

The Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network CELIN and F-CAP both support immersion programs and are huge helps as we move forward. Encourage your teachers and staff to find out about what these networks offer and make use of their expertise!



CELIN Connection

Happy New Year! We hope you had a peaceful, restful holiday. To welcome the new year, we have updated the Research and Resources section of the CELIN web pages and added two new sections to the Resources for Educators. We hope that you will find these helpful in your work:
  • Important resources on early Chinese language learning and immersion programs.
  • Four presentations given at the 2014 ACTFL Convention and World Languages Expo in San Antonio, November 21–23. Presenters discuss key issues in the field of Chinese language education: lessons learned by experts in the field, the vitality and sustainability of Chinese heritage language schools, and uses of digital technologies and selection of instructional materials to promote student engagement and learning.
Also take a look at the Study Abroad pages in Ask the Experts, where you’ll find detail-rich student and teacher testimonials, and inspiring photographs (such as this image to the right—courtesy of the Chinese American International School in San Francisco).

CELIN has received numerous requests for information about curricula used in Chinese language education. Therefore, we decided that this will be one area of our focus this year. We’re conducting a survey of curricula that are used in Chinese language education and that educators need. Can you please take five minutes to complete this surveyThis is an ongoing project, and we will be sending out information as we proceed. Stay tuned to find out what we are learning!  –Shuhan Wang and Joy Peyton

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