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10th grade abroad? Mandarin immersion high school year in Hangzhou

March 7, 2015

I can’t imagine letting my kids leave home early, I’m already dreading college and it’s years  away. I’ve told them the only boarding school they’re allowed to get in is Hogwarts–but they have to take me with them!

Still, a surprising number of families I know and love are considering boarding schools, for all sorts of reasons. Enough to make me reconsider my preconceptions. And this one seems pretty amazing, it’s a great school and you get immersion.

Just throwing it out there for folks for whom it might be of interest

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 7.33.24 PM

Be a Pioneer

CIS Hangzhou invites Year 10/Grade 9 (14-15 year old) students to be a part of a selective one-of-a-kind private program in Mainland China.

CIS - Hangzhou - opening week-3.jpg

Experience firsthand China’s rich culture, understand its people and forge unique friendships for the future.

Students will learn Mandarin on a daily basis. They will interact with their counterparts and immerse themselves in China, inspiring a lifelong relationship with one of the world’s leading economic powers and fastest growing economies. To have all this, without sacrificing a core academic program in English and the multitude of non-academic interests that today’s modern student pursues is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For more information about admissions, contact the CIS Admission Office.
Tel:  (852) 2512-5915

More info here.

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