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Updated School list — We’re up to 197 Mandarin immersion schools

August 9, 2015

You can see the full list here:

As always, if your school is not listed, or is listed incorrectly, please refer to the list of questions below. Answer as many of them as you can and email  to me and I’ll update the list. If you don’t know all the answers, don’t worry. We’d rather list a school even with a few boxes empty!

Note there are tabs on the list. The first page is U.S. schools, the second Canadian and the third International.


School Name

School District name



State/ZIP (Province/Posale Code in Canada)


Grades at school


Date the Mandarin immersion program began (Kindergarten only, not preschool)

Percentage of the day taught in Mandarin/English.

Whole school or strand within a school?

Do you teach Simplified or traditional characters? [you can tell if in the word for school they write it 学校 (simplified) or 學校 (traditional)]

Number of classroom in Mandarin per grade.

One-way or two-way immersion?

Website address.

Other languages offered? (i.e. some schools have multiple immersion strands.)

Is the school art of the Flagship – Chinese Acquisition Pipeline consortium?

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  1. Lydia Carlson permalink
    August 10, 2015 5:01 am

    Hi Elizabeth;

    A couple of comments on the list. First, Singapore now has a mandarin immersion program at the Canadian International School. That one I believe is 50/50. The Chinese international school there is 30/70.

    There are a couple of mistakes on the MN schools. First of all look at the splits for the Minnetonka schools- there is a typo. Secondly, the Opening date for the forest lake school represents when they started with Spanish. They didn’t add Mandarin until the 2012 school year I believe.

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    • Elizabeth Weise permalink*
      August 10, 2015 7:15 am

      Many thanks. I’ll update Minnesota.
      Does Singapore have any government-run Mandarin immersion schools? I know some of the private schools are but didn’t think the public ones had such programs.

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