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Bellevue, Wash. Mandarin immersion school gets stunning new campus

September 23, 2015

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I love it that the school’s name is 景美, which means Beautiful View in Mandarin. And of course the city it’s located in, Bellevue, also means Beautiful View.




A new “beautiful view” — Jing Mei School starts off the school year in a new space

Jing Mei, the only public Mandarin Dual Language School in the state that follows a two-way model opened up for the school year in its relocated home at 12635 SE 56th St., Bellevue.

The name, which means “beautiful view” in Mandarin, was recommended by the school community when it was first established.

The school is led by Principal Vivian Tam. Student enrollment in the classes is balanced between native Mandarin speakers and students who speak other languages such as English, Spanish, and Hindu. English and Mandarin are used to teach the curriculum throughout the day.

Jing Mei started off the school year with a brand new campus. The school is sectioned off into different areas for the varying grades by elements: 木, 火, 土, 金, 水. Literally, this translates to wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—the basics of the Chinese five elements theory.

These characters are spread across the campus on engraved signboards on wooden supports.

The school is split with American families, and new Chinese families. New students in kindergarten begin with a requisite 90 percent Mandarin immersion.

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