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Take part in a doctoral candidate’s survey on why parents choose Mandarin Immersion

September 29, 2015

This is great research to support and I highly encourage families to take Ted’s survey (it took me all of 6 minutes.) Send it out to your schools, put it in your school newsletter and on your blog, get the word out. We need more data about family motivation’s and here we’ve got a motivated young Ph.D. student to do the work for us!



Hello Parents!

My name is Edward Watson and I am a graduate student in the Sociology PhD program at University of California – Irvine.  My research is focusing on parental motivations for Mandarin Immersion programs.  I left for China in 2006 and ended up staying over four years, having been back twice on visits.  I did not know any Chinese upon arrival, but through continued hard work, I have achieved near fluency.  My experience with the Chinese language and Its culture has changed my life for the better, giving me the desire to use what I have learned to act as a resource for other students and families.

I am happy to see the recent increase in the popularity of Mandarin Immersion programs.  I am curious as to why parents are choosing this style of education for their children, and whether the reasons behind this choice differ between parents’ experiences and backgrounds.  In order to better examine the rising demand for Mandarin programs, I am asking parents to complete an anonymous online survey by clicking on the link at the bottom.  The 25-question survey should not take more than 15 minutes to complete and your answers will provide substantial data for this project.  My ultimate goal is to strengthen the educational and cultural bonds between America and China while increasing an understanding for our global society.  Whenever possible, I would also like to offer a small compensation provided through my email as a token of my appreciation.

Thanks so much for you time!

Edward Watson

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