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Got new parents? Get “A Parent’s Guide” for them

February 3, 2016

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February and March are the months many Mandarin immersion programs send out letters of placement or acceptance to new families.

As they rev up for new incoming Kinder classes, several schools have asked if they can buy my book, A Parent’s Guide to Mandarin Immersion, in bulk for those new parents.

The answer is yes, and a lot more cheaply than buying it from Amazon.

As a parent of two daughters who’ve been in Mandarin immersion programs at two different schools for a total of 17 years now, I wrote A Parent’s Guide as the how-to manual that I wished I’d had when we started this process.

Many schools have found that by giving copies of the book to parents early on (sometimes even before school starts) they can spend more time building a great school and less time explaining the nuts and bolts of immersion. Informed parents, teachers tell me, are calmer and more empowered parents.

A Parent’s Guide covers:

• How immersion works in the classroom
• The benefits of bilingualism for the brain
• Chinese 101 for immersion parents
• The academic possibilities immersion opens to students
• Chinese literacy issues
• The six types of Mandarin immersion families
• Why schools offer immersion
• How parents can turbo-charge their children’s Chinese

You can read reviews here.

So here’s the deal for schools:

If you order 25 or more books, I can have them dropped shipped to your school for $12 a copy. If you order 50 or more they go down to $11 a copy. And although no one’s yet done this, at 100 they go down to $10 per book.

Some PTAs have bought them and then sold them at the regular price of $18.95 as a fund raiser as well.

If your school is interested, please contact me at weise (at) well (dot) com


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  1. LRC permalink
    February 3, 2016 1:43 pm

    The link you have above for your book shows the price as $54.34. This one shows it for $18.95:

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