Numerous fifth graders in school districts throughout Utah County either dread or are excited about their American History Wax Museum presentations each year. The students participating in the Chinese Immersion program at Wasatch Elementary in Provo are no different.

But they are unique because not only did they have to do a month’s worth of research on their chosen hero, create a presentation board, write up their presentation speech, memorize it, gather items to represent their hero and dress up rather convincingly like them — they also then had to write out their speech in Chinese as well.

For the first time, as visiting students in third, fourth and sixth grade wandered the gym Tuesday at Wasatch Elementary, they could push an “English” button or a “Chinese” button at any station marked with Chinese writing. According to their choice, they could hear facts in Chinese or English about Einstein, Winfrey, Pocahontas, Stan Lee, Isadora Duncan, Alice Waters and others.

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