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Here’s how NOT to run an immersion program

September 10, 2016

Hint: Don’t have a theoretical “first come, first served” enrollment process but really let the principal pick and choose who gets to attend, resulting in almost entirely white classes while Black and Hispanic families mysteriously never get in.

Selection process at Forest Hills saw lack of minorities in popular school program

WILMINGTON, Delaware  — Anna Lee was not surprised when she walked into a meeting for Forest Hills Elementary’s Spanish Immersion Program and found the room filled with white faces.

“I had it on my radar already that the program was relatively segregated because I know people who have older kids there,” Lee said. “It wasn’t exactly a revelation.”

She counted three Hispanic parents –- including her husband -– and two black parents among the roughly 45 people in the school’s auditorium.

During that meeting, Lee recalled, Forest Hill’s principal, Deborah Greenwood, was asked how students would be chosen. The principal told attendees she wasn’t sure yet.

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