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Whatever your politics, being bilingual is clearly seen as a good thing by lots of people

May 2, 2017

From Quartz. Despite the tenor of this article, one of the things I love about Mandarin immersion is that 83% of Mandarin immersion programs are in public schools, making it an educational option available to all.



Teach your kids Mandarin the Jared and Ivanka way, for $75,000 and up a year

When Ivanka Trump’s 5-year-old daughter Arabella Kushner serenaded visiting Chinese president Xi Jinping with a Mandarin folk song earlier this month, it prompted an outpouring of affection from many in China. In America, it probably prompted at least a little envy among other parents of young Mandarin learners.

President Donald Trump may be known for his threats to knock China down a peg or two, but his grandchildren are part of growing desire among American families to help their kids take advantage of China’s global rise—with Mandarin skills.

It’s an effort that has the support of both the US and Chinese governments, and has created jobs in the US for Chinese teachers like 27-year-old Jing Yongtai, from eastern China’s Zhejiang province.

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