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Nine Features of High-Quality Language Immersion Programs

December 27, 2017
Language immersion education is a relatively new field, so how can educators know if a program is effective? Shuhan Wang and Joy Kreeft Peyton, of Asia Society’s Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network (CELIN), consider this question and offer a checklist tool to allow program staff to engage in review of their programs and make plans for program improvement.  

By guest bloggers Shuhan Wang and Joy Kreeft Peyton

Program Quality is Critical to Learner Success

When language immersion was first introduced to the United States in 1971, there were only 3 programs. By 2011, that number had grown to 448 in 22 languages. And now in 2017, there are more than 230 Chinese dual language and immersion programs in the United States (up from 61 programs in 2011).


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