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Mandarin immersion schools in New York City

February 25, 2018


Public Schools

Located in Queens, the school starts in first grade with half of the students being English Language Learners and half native English language speakers sharing the experience and supporting each other in the learning of new languages together; Instruction is in English for one day and Chinese (Mandarin) for the other day; Curriculum is taught in both languages and follows NYS & NYC standards. Website here.

High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies

Founded in 2003, High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies is a highly competitive high school that consists of a small population of Native English and Mandarin speakers. It provides students with a multifaceted curriculum that is based on a dual language education system. This means that along with the extensive math and science classes, Native English speakers have to attend a double period of Chinese everyday. All students that attend the school are required to pass the Chinese Regents and the AP Chinese Exam, in addition to five other exams needed for a Regents diploma. HSDLAS also introduces students to a variety of Asian cultures, with a main focus on Chinese culture. Website here.

Queens High School for Language Studies

Students are prepared for success in college and career through a rigorous, comprehensive curriculum that includes the intensive study of English and Mandarin. The school’s goal is to graduate college-ready students who are fluent in both academic English and Mandarin Chinese. We plan to serve New York City’s adolescent Chinese immigrant learners, providing intensive ESL instruction and bilingual support in the content areas for students learning academic English. We will also provide intensive Mandarin study for interested English-proficient students, welcoming students from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Website here.

Set to open in the fall of 2018, not much information yet on its . Not a lot of information available about their Mandarin program on the web site so far but it seems to plan on a full immersion (i.e. at least 50% of the academic day taught in Mandarin.) Website here.



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  1. July 19, 2018 6:31 am

    Please list our school. Morningside PlayCare Immersion. We are a Nursery School in Morningside Heights / Harlem. We do 70/20/10 Immersion. Mandarin/Spanish/English. Ages 18 mos. to 5 years. Weekday and after school.

    • Elizabeth Weise permalink*
      July 19, 2018 8:00 am

      I only list K-12 programs, no preschools or Pre-K. There are just too many of them and the focus for my blog is academic schools.

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